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Roman Plotnikov

Roman Plotnikov

Hardware system engineer
Vilniškės, Vilnius


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Broad-minded hardware system engineer with 10+ years of experience in development of complicated technical projects which include UAV, mobile and stationary radio technical complexes, CubeSats 3-12u. Result-oriented with leadership mindset and proven ability of working in large enterprises and in small start-ups.


Senior system engineer/Project Engineer, SТC ltd (05.2020 – 10.2022)
SТС is one of the largest production companies of radio intelligence and radio monitoring devices.
• Developed 8+ radio technical complexes consisted of 2 to 30 modules each which successfully passed acceptance tests and were transferred to series manufacturing.
• The variety of modules includes transceiving devices, NTP servers, navigation and clock synchronization devices, RF and microwave switchers, power supply modules, industrial servers. 
• Developed TT&C ground stations for 3U CubeSats which have already been launched.
• Proper component selection and the development of unified modules saved 10-40% of initial costs.
• Organized the process of requirement elaboration and preproduction planning which resulted in 50% decrease in rework and redesign.
The development of each complex included:
o Elaboration of complex structure including overall dimensions and mass, power characteristics, physical interfaces (Ethernet, CAN, RS-422(485), UART).
o Solution defense and approval receiving from business and Chief Design Engineer.
o Development of structural block diagrams for each module.
o Task creation for PCB manufacturing, 3D modelling and hardware engineering.
o Component selection and purchasing.
o Overall process control, preparation of detailed design documentation together with documentation department.
o Module testing and postproduction support.

Circuit design engineer/Team Lead, Technostandard (02.2019 – 05.2020)
Technostandard is a tech startup which develops underwater drones for educational purposes
Together with the team of 6 people constructed from scratch two underwater drones and organized their small-batch production.
• Within the limited budget selected all proper component base (flight controller, microcontrollers, temperature, depth and pressure sensors, gyroscope and accelerometer, ESC, cameras, Wi-Fi modules).   
• Fully developed carrier boards (PCB) for full electronic solution of the drones and communication buoys including autopilot, telemetry and video transmitter, motor control system, power supply system.
• Constructed the workspace for assembling, configuring and testing of radio electronic units before the final assembly of the drone.

Payload engineer/Team Lead, Aeromax (09.2017 – 08.2021)
Aeromax is an innovation center for civil UAV initiatives and geo-information platforms development
• Upgraded existing and developed new payloads for third-party UAVs (Jouav CW-10, CW-20) to provide aerophotography including: 
o development of oblique camera (3 and 5 OEM cameras), payload for lidar aerial photography
o development of PCBs for interfacing the UAV onboard network with the applied payload
o development of load-carrying constructures.
• Prepared tasks for payload logic realization and Web App development, recruited IT engineers for these tasks implementation.


  • 2019 – Software development basics, ITMO University
  • 2005-2010 – Engineer, Radio technical Faculty, St. Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation
  • 2007-2009 – Enterprise management, additional education, St. Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation

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