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Technology Indistinguishable from Magic. What Decision Makers Should Know about Generative AI

Technology Indistinguishable from Magic. What Decision Makers Should Know about Generative AI


Generative AI has become a hot topic after the ChatGPT release. The reason is mainly because previous groundbreaking technological leaps, such as the wide distribution of personal computers or the Internet, could only help realize one's potential. In their turn, generative platforms introduced a dramatic change to what a specific individual can do. Such solutions can not only improve the way you perform routine tasks but also allow you to do things beyond your skill set, such as drawing or writing code.

It's no wonder that businesses quickly recognized the importance and potential of generative artificial intelligence. However, since this technology is relatively new and complex, it may be challenging to understand how it functions, which tool better suits specific needs, and its possible drawbacks. Today, we'll try to fix that: What Decision Makers Should Know about Generative AI

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